The Co-op Bags: My Original Tax Seasons


Last year, when I told my mom what I wanted to do as a business, she wasn’t at all surprised. She reminded me that my dad has pretty much always been an entrepreneur, working from home and on the road. From when I was about 6 years old, my dad would pay me to sort his receipts during tax season. And let me tell you, it wasn’t an easy task. I’m talking about a full on “receipt hunt” that would put any easter egg hunt to shame. I had to imagine where would my dad put receipts and go with it. In the glove compartment, armrest, and car doors, underneath the seats and in the trunk were all pretty obvious. But then of course, on the dresser, in the dresser, in the office downstairs, in the kitchen upstairs, in folders, pants, and coat pockets: they were everywhere! By the end I was left with literal Co-op bags full of crumpled up receipts. I’d empty the bags out on the living room floor or on the kitchen table, and organize away. I found this incredibly rewarding.

But don’t get me wrong: it was never because I liked doing taxes or finances, but instead it was the researching, the solving, and the organizing that I loved. Every year I got better, finding ways to improve the hunt and the sorting, and every year I taught myself new processes and methods to be more efficient.

This has followed me my whole life. Organizing, streamlining, finding solutions to problems, and teaching myself new skills. Before being in business, I spent a lot of my time off work connecting with people and trying to help them with whatever challenge they faced, or connecting them to others if that was the only thing I had to offer. With my love for my community and my belief that it’s truly what builds a healthy economy, it’s in fact what has brought me to where I am today. And so, for anyone who knows me, when I said that I wanted to help businesses and entrepreneurs sort out their proverbial co-op bags, it was all a very organic move.

Now that tax season is over, what Co-op bags do you want to get sorted out?

Mylène Després