Located in Moncton New-Brunswick, La Station is there to support your business.

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La Station works on the engines of an organization by offering operational and administrative services to small companies and not-for-profits.

Dedicated to helping small and creative organizations grow, La Station works with people who want to make a difference in our community and strives to develop a healthier, more resilient, and tightly connected community.


(506) 380 2953


"Mylene has an incredible way of slipping into a team like she’s always been there while still bringing a fresh perspective and adding a ton of value! Highly recommended!"

- Sarah Short, Idea Action and Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Founder


La Station wants you to achieve your goals by making sure you pull all the stops and by helping you work smarter; not harder. 

Whether it be getting you started or helping you scale;

La Station is there for you.

Let's find a time to sit down and talk about your business and your goals!